Use Instructions

Quick 3-Step Process:

  1. Check first: Deo-Go can be used on any color garment, but it’s always best to test a small area for color-fastness.
  2. Spray ’n scrub: Turn garment inside out. Spray a liberal amount directly onto the stains, ensuring both sides of the fabric are wet. Scrub the stain with a short bristle brush, and leave for 30 minutes. For those tougher stains, give it another scrub!
  3. Machine it: Wash the garment (separately from other items) according to its normal washing instructions.

Do it again: If any stain remains, repeat treatment.


Here’s a more in-depth set of instructions:

  • We recommend that you wear gloves when using the product.
  • Place the garment on a suitable surface, for instance, a washing bowl, a tray etc.
  • Perform a compatibility test on an inconspicuous area of the garment by applying a small penny sized spot of the product.  Wait a few minutes then rinse the area with water and carefully inspect for any signs of discoloration.
  • Turn garment inside out and then spray a liberal amount directly to the stained areas of the garment (as a guide, you should use approximately 1 tablespoon on each armpit area).  Work the solution into the stain using a short bristle brush, paying particular attention to the seams. (Tip: On thicker fabrics or ones with especially heavy residues, we suggest applying from both sides of the fabric to ensure the product has maximum contact with the stain).
  • Leave for approximately 30 minutes to allow the solution to get to work.
  • After the soak period, gently re-scrub the stained treatment areas with the brush, (adding a small additional amount of Deo-Go or water to any dried areas if required).
  • Wash the garment separately as per the recommended washing instructions. (Tip: If you are treating a number of garments , these can all be washed together).
  • Inspect the areas where the stain was (it may help to hold the area up in front of a bright light or window) and prepare to be amazed!
  • If all stains are not completely removed after the initial treatment, repeat the treatment, preferably while the garment is still damp.
  • Yes, this is the same shirt following a single treatment 🙂