Preventing Future Stains

Here is a list of tips on how to try and avoid or reduce the possibility of getting deodorant / antiperspirant stains on your clothes:

  • You can prevent underarm or sweat stains on the outer garment by wearing an undershirt or underarm sweat pads
  • Switch to a 7-Day wipe-on antiperspirant, such as SweatBlock. It is applied at night, drys completely overnight and won’t wash off. As a result, no residual antiperspirant film can come in contact with your clothing!
  • Let your armpits fully dry before putting on your shirt
  • Avoid applying an excessive amount of antiperspirant
  • Use aluminum-free or low-aluminum antiperspirant or deodorant, these can reduce or even eliminate the residue build-up and the associated staining
  • Use a stick or roll on rather than an aerosol
  • Use a deodorant instead of antiperspirant
  • Keep on top of the residue build-up, by frequent application of a proprietary pre-wash treatment on the armpit areas of the shirt with each wash, to try and remove some of the deposits before they set on the fabric of your garments
  • Try not to tumble dry or iron the armpit area of a garment you suspect may have any residue on it, as the heat can make the residue turn a darker yellow or brown visible stain