Customer Testimonials

Saved my whites!, February 2015

I LOVE this product! Saved my favorite dress (97% cotton, 3% spandex, indigo dye) from being downgraded from a fancy “going out” garment to an old rag that could only be worn with a sweater. – Cindy

Saved my whites!, February 2014

This was a reorder! Best thing I’ve found for deodorant (dark gold colored) armpit stains. – silodog

This stuff is amazing!, August 2013

I was doubtful that it would work when nothing else has but it really took the underarm stains out of my old white tee shirts with one application.

Wow! Something that works better than you expect!, April 2013

Tried everything, nothing worked, until I tried this product….I had a favorite white shirt that I resisted throwing out coz I liked it so much, but it was unwearable, it took two treatments but now it is good as new!!!!!!! This is a great product that works. – PC Saratoga CA

Really Helpful Saved me MONEY!!! and shirts., January 14, 2013

I had 6 work shirts that were stained white underarms and they were actually getting crusty. Also when the buildup gets wet it smells very quickly. Deo-Go removed the stains from my work shirts I really have to look to even notice. Stains are nearly completely gone. – Sam

Worked where everything else failed, January 11, 2013

I tried various methods to get rid of the buildup – nothing worked so I tried this product without much hope. I used it twice, first time as directed (on shirts for 30 min before washing) and it didn’t do much. The second time, I sprayed it on the shirts, threw them in a plastic bag and left them for a couple of days before washing and it worked perfectly, completely removing the buildup on most of the shirts (a couple might need another go). Overall, very pleased. – Dez

the dopest dope around, January 6, 2013

made my shirts clean as a whistle. Worked well on colored shirts including red blue green purple as well as off-colors. – David

Sort of surprised it worked, December 16, 2012

I was hesitant and doubtful at first, but this did the trick. Was looking to remove the white residue from under the arms of some of my business shirts- white residue caused by antiperspirant. Spray, scrub, throw in the wash, and it’s gone. PERFECT.

This is the best commercial or homemade product I’ve ever found to remove deodorant stains, grease marks, and blood stains. On both white & colored clothing. – Alissa

Awesome on black cotton shirts! ( 4-Star Deo-Go Review)
– Furry Girl

I am truly impressed by this product. I sweat a fair amount and use clinical strength deodorant…between those two things I find that white shirts often have yellow stains under the arms. I had resigned myself to not wearing white as often and having to replace white shirts fairly regularly. This product really worked to remove the yellow stains. I’ve also tried it on a few colored clothing items and found it also worked on them and didn’t affect the color or fabric. I will definitely buy more of this product.
– G – Ro