Danielle K. from Fitbie.com gave Deo-Go a whirl so she could save one of her favorite tees from the trash bin:

There’s nothing better than a perfectly worn-in t-shirt—especially when it has sentimental value—and nothing worse than having to trash said t-shirt because 10 years of sweat and deodorant have crusted themselves into the armpits, making the shirt obscenely unwearable.

Enter Deo-Go, a liquid gel, pre-laundry treatment that claims to remove underarm stains caused by antiperspirants and deodorants.

I didn’t have a laundry brush or even an old toothbrush at my disposal, so I just rubbed the area with a washcloth and hoped for the best. After letting the Deo-Go soak in for 30 minutes, I tossed my shirt back in the wash.

Here’s the end result. I was pleasantly surprised!


Before Using Deo-Go: Deodorant Stained Underarm area


After Using Deo-Go: Clean as a whistle!